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About Kandria

Kandria is a hack and slash, puzzle platforming game set in a broken down, post-apocalyptic desert.

You play a lone android, who must help a struggling settlement survive. Travel far and wide, taking on missions for whomever you choose - explore the ruined surface, scale steep cliffs, or venture deep below ground to gather supplies and long-buried relics. Show off your combat skills by slashing your way through any opposition in a flurry of extravagant sword moves. As an android there is no limit to where you can go or what you can do.

As the story unfolds you'll get to know the flawed and diverse characters of the settlement that rescued you. But are they really your friends, or are you just their tool? On your travels you must determine who is truly friend or foe, and recruit what allies you can - because the end is coming.


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Latest Updates

Testing events - July Kandria Update

Another month filled with a lot of different stuff! We have a lot of conferences coming up, there was a bunch to do for marketing, the game has seen a lot of visual and gameplay tweaks, and we've started doing a lot of direct playtesting. Finally, the music has also made a lot of progress and the first few tracks are now done!