What sets the game apart from the competition? What does this game do differently? These are good foundations for marketing and an elevator pitch.

Kandria is a hand-crafted, 2D action game, which combines the wall-climbing verticality and precision puzzle platforming of Celeste, with the tight hack and slash swordplay of NieR:Automata, all set within an epic, post-apocalyptic RPG story and world. Questions of artificial life and android ethics abound as you thread and fight your way through hostility, and a complex web of uncertain truths.

Steam Blurb
Latest version:

Explore a ruined open world of caverns and settlements. Hack and slash your way through missions: patrol, repair, scavenge - choose your quests and dialogue. Or go fishing, forage mushrooms, and race the clock! The old world is gone - the future is up to you.


Target Audience

Fans of the above genres, games, and tones. Post-apocalyptic content in particular seems to be on the rise, with new movies in the Mad Max and Blade Runner franchises in recent years, not to mention “wasteland” games like NieR and Kenshi proving popular.

Target PEGI rating: 16+
Even if only being distributed on Steam where PEGI is optional, it’s a useful content guide.

This rating is applied once the depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. The use of bad language in games with a PEGI 16 rating can be more extreme, while games of chance, and the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs can also be present.



Themes will emerge as the game and story are produced, but are likely to explore:

Value Proposition